Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Crown 2021

Robert S. Hays

Your pearly whites and healthy pink gums will be the indications of your general wellbeing. Suppose your lousy dental arrangement is having a damaging impact on your physical and psychological wellness. If that’s the circumstance, there are various restorations offered in cosmetic dentistry that are so powerful and worth your attention. 

An E-max dental crown is an advanced all-ceramic dental restoration that could better your teeth’ dimensions, form, strength, and look, which has been broken or damaged. Rather than replacing the damaged tooth, a crown thoroughly covers your current tooth and gives outstanding esthetics, strength whilst preserving its usefulness. The E-max dental crown is favoured because of its exquisite aesthetic look, longer-lasting toughness and endurance, a newer addition in cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

To generate E-max restorations, laboratory technicians utilize lithium disilicate, a high strength ceramic substance that achieves a significantly higher clarity. The laboratory technicians use this high-strength material along with the PRESS technique or the CAD/CAM applications. This glass-ceramic substance is fragile in appearance yet strong and hard to withstand the chewing and biting pressure. 


The crucial benefit of E-Max crowns is they are durable. 

  • Aside from the transparent colour of this, the natural shape creates these imperceptible restorations more visually attractive.
  • Another benefit is they are solid and durable. 
  • These crowns give outstanding aesthetic outcomes without compromising strength and endurance. 
  • Studies indicate that E-max crowns are much less prone to fracture or crack than other kinds of heights, for example, zirconia. There’s no metallic alloy base having an E-max crown that means you won’t have an unsightly appearing grey line around your gum.
  • This metal-free system may be a perfect alternative for prospective patients that are allergic to metal. These dental caps are durable and wouldn’t take on spots or cause any harm to your natural teeth.
  • It’s a less invasive process that finishes a brief interval with less cost and less labour. 
  • Another distinct advantage is that these abutments are bio-compatible, making sure that they’ll cause no allergic reactions, so no sensitivity to temperature without any effect on taste.
  • Braces can match it without any tooth prep requirement or just a minimal quantity of tooth preparation. 
  • It incorporates so nicely and beautifully with its environment you’ll forget they’re there. 


  • Among the downsides of E-max abutments would be to perform with their price. 
  • It’s a superior crown that requires high-tech laboratory equipment and highly specialized laboratory training for manufacture. 
  • The substance lithium disilicate ceramic utilized for the manufacture of E-max crowns can be a highly high-grade substance, making the heights more costly than other kinds of abutments. 
  • The other disadvantage is that E-max crowns can’t produce a porcelain bridge and permit the combination of two teeth. Additionally, E-max crowns aren’t appropriate for everybody.

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