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Sheth Jeebun, the founder of Aster Healthcare, pays tribute to the Queen's  Diamond Jubilee celebration, which marks a watershed moment in British  history.

Sheth Jeebun is the director of one of the best biggest firms. He is currently running Aster healthcare, a renowned healthcare company in the United Kingdom.

He was a registered nurse at the beginning of his career, but later on, he started entrepreneurship. He converted his nursing skills into his business and is now providing one of the best healthcare services in the United Kingdom.

CEOs of multinational companies have acknowledged Sheth Jeebun due to his beneficial work for humanity. He is leading the healthcare industry with the outstanding standards he is providing.

Many believe that Sheth Jeebun succeeded due to his determination, hard work, and mindset. Moreover, due to his ability to have an optimistic approach, he will achieve a lot in the future.

He has many ambitions in his life, and he is working hard to achieve them. Many of his aims have been shortlisted and mentioned below:

Developmental Projects

He is one of the biggest real estate tycoons and his healthcare business. He is working to make the lifestyle of people better. To gain this feat, he has been working day and night for the betterment of society.

He currently wants to develop infrastructural facilities in Mauritius, an underdeveloped country. He has employed engineers and workers to develop infrastructures such as buildings, roads, and trains in Mauritius.

He has a lot more to gain in his life. He is also thinking of becoming one of the biggest real estate tycoons in South Asia and wants to compete with the likes such as Mukesh Ambani and Malik Riaz.

Employing Women In His Organisation

Women’s workforce is important in every major business. They can play a key part in an organization. Furthermore, he wishes to employ women in his healthcare business.

 Countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh has very low women workforce. Women are refrained from working and get married at a very early age. He wants to train women in these underprivileged countries to become educated and be a source of the betterment of society. It will allow the economy to boost, and women can become independent, which means they will have a more materialistic approach.

He has curbed gender equality a lot, and now he is working to have the same pay scale for both genders. He has trained almost 30000 women in India to work and make able to sell their products to earn money.

Sustainable Future

The main vision of many biggest tech giants is to have a sustainable future based on a better lifestyle and curbing climate change. He is also one of these people who wants to curb climate change.

He will introduce carbon neutral policies, which will help become carbon neutral. It will decrease the emission of greenhouse gases from his industries, making the environment more friendly for a common person.

He will also digitalize his organization, so there will be no paperwork by 2020. As a result, it will significantly reduce deforestation. He will also use the latest technology to reduce the human resources needed. All this will decrease his dependency on people, and the standards of his products will also increase.

Providing better healthcare facilities

Many international firms recognize Sheth Jeebun, who is considered a role model for entrepreneurs. He wants to improve the standard in his healthcare firm; to do this, he is raising funds for it. He has started the use of advanced technology as well as providing healthcare facilities at a cheaper cost.

He strictly wants his employees to behave well with their customers, so they don’t lose their international reputation. He aims to gain large profits from his other organizations and invest them in the healthcare sector. One of the major reasons for doing this is to make Aster Healthcare one of the biggest multinational healthcare firms in history.


One of the major aims of Sheth Jeebun is to increase accountability among his employees. He pays his employees much higher salaries than his competitors, but he wants his employees to serve his customers well. For this, he will start some counseling sessions with his employees. Moreover, it will groom them as well.

However, he wishes to treat his employee in a better way. His employees are quite happy with his treatment. Also, a survey showed that all of his employees wish to work with Sheth Jeebun in the future due to his compassion for them.


Sheth Jeebun has built his business empire, not in one day or two. He has worked for decades to achieve this, and now, as he has set a foundation, he wishes to build it on a large scale. No one knew that a commoner who has done a bachelor’s in nurse would become one of the biggest healthcare service providers.

In short, the aims of the Sheth Jeebun have been mentioned above, and it is obvious that with hard work, determination and passion, he is going to achieve his goals in the future as well.


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