High-Frequency Fat Loss – What I Learned in Lockdown

Robert S. Hays

As I came to terms with the realities of being in lockdown I desired to come up with tactics to enable my clients retain transferring in the direction of their goals. I resolved to get the time at household as an option to lose some body body fat.


Definitely smart dietary options ended up likely to be necessary to this, but with my normal physical action drastically reduced (that’s what takes place when you trade 8 hours a day on the fitness center ground for sitting down in front of your laptop computer), I desired to be clever about my teaching. A person of the crucial resources I utilized for that is high-frequency weighted cardio.



To be capable to get a high-frequency strategy to any teaching process you need to have to be capable to get better quickly. When it will come to high-frequency teaching, high amounts of muscle mass harm and being sore for times are general public enemy quantity just one!


There is just one generally neglected teaching process that causes practically zero muscle mass harm, but delivers a impressive teaching stimulus. And that is the process I will utilized to lean down all through lockdown. So, this is how I progressed on my lockdown prepare.


Concentric-Only Coaching

There are two main phases of muscle mass contraction all through resistance teaching:


  1. Concentric Muscle Coaching
  2. Eccentric Muscle Coaching


The concentric period is when a muscle mass shortens less than tension. You can feel of this as the lifting period. The eccentric is when the muscle mass lengthens less than tension. This is the decreasing period.


The eccentric period is the place most of the muscle mass harm takes place. Reducing the eccentric phases signifies you can cut down the anxiety, muscle mass harm, and breakdown that takes place with conventional teaching.


I would not counsel excluding all eccentric teaching type your program indefinitely as the eccentric part of the raise does have quite a few rewards and is a crucial piece of the size and strength puzzle. Nevertheless, tactically eliminating the eccentric period from specific factors of your teaching can have impressive rewards.


Concentric-only teaching produces the potential for:


  1. Higher teaching frequency
  2. Far more volume



These are each pretty valuable when it will come to body fat loss. Even greater, a 2017 examine (Inventory et al., 2017) showed that concentric-only strength teaching (involving minimum muscle mass harm) created hypertrophy in just 3 – four weeks. So, concentric teaching can enable you get lean and obtain (or minimum maintain) muscle mass mass.


Investigate shows that concentric-only teaching creates significantly increased metabolic needs than eccentric teaching (Kraemer et al., 2001). Considerably increased VO2 and lactic acid amounts are attained with concentric-only teaching. This elevated metabolic cost equates to additional calories burned.


Improved Recovery with Concentric-Only Coaching

Concentric-only teaching is pretty common in injury rehab systems. In the early stages of rehab quite a few therapists use high frequency concentric-only teaching as the first-action in strengthening muscle groups.


Improved recovery from injury is just one gain of concentric only teaching. Enhanced recovery in between sessions is also a large additionally of concentric only get the job done.


Stimulating blood flow to the doing work muscle groups increases the recovery time from just one hefty session to the future. This is why concentric only teaching is this sort of a great addition to your regular workouts.


Bonus Coaching Not Overtraining

Concentric-only teaching signifies you can do “extra” or “bonus” teaching with a significantly decrease possibility of overtraining. Concentric only get the job done enables you to get a teaching stimulus without the need of the mechanical or neurological fatigue that regular teaching causes. For that reason, you can do additional teaching with minimum possibility of it interfering with your normal lifting sessions.


The additional you can teach without the need of exceeding your ability to get better the greater your final results. The actuality that concentric teaching presents you the capability to maximize your workload without the need of exceeding your recovery ability is a massive reward when it will come to profitable the body body fat struggle!


Powerlifters, Concentric Lifts and Conditioning

Westside Barbell popularised concentric-only teaching with the use of sleds for conditioning get the job done. Pushing and pulling a sled is an very helpful body fat burning training. I have utilized it in the systems of a great number of clients to great impact. It is just one of the most effective strategies to maximise body fat loss although minimising muscle mass loss.


As opposed to conventional cardio, sled get the job done requires comparatively high amounts of resistance. This resistance indicators the body to retain keep of muscle mass. As a consequence, you do not waste away to looking like a marathon runner when performing weighted energy system get the job done.


Concentric-Only Coaching at House

Sadly, I do not have a sled or adequate outside space to use just one. Living in central London signifies space is at a genuine quality. What I do have is 6 flights of stairs in my condominium block and these are what I’m using to get the exact same rewards of sled get the job done.


Right here is how:


  • I load my back pack up with guides and dumbbells
  • I walk up the six flights of stairs
  • I get in the raise and return to the floor ground
  • I repeat for five-10 sets


Strolling upstairs is a predominantly a concentric action. By loading my backpack up with textbooks and dumbbells I am capable to increase fifty lbs of exterior load. Strolling up the stairs is like performing a hundred weighted action-ups.


I get in the raise to go back down since I’m lazy. Definitely, I’m joking, there is in fact process to my insanity/laziness. Strolling downstairs with fifty lbs of added weight requires plenty of eccentric get the job done and causes loads of muscle mass harm.


Strolling up and down stairs would suggest that I would be sore and recovery would get longer. As a consequence, I would not be capable to do this on a daily basis. Since I’m looking to use this process as my daily cardio taking the raise down is the wise choice.


So, if you have a back pack, a little something hefty to put in it and a staircase, you can get shredded although self-isolating.


Now, it appears to be like like there is a perception of normality returning, although I feel some people may however select to training at household until finally they sense comfortable likely into a fitness center. Join with my on my Tom MacCormick Instagram account and message me if you need to have some enable.

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