How Do They Detox You In Rehab

Robert S. Hays

Substance abuse is a pressing concern in today’s world. While alcohol addiction can occur at any age, drug abuse and addiction are rampant issues among youngsters and young adults. At an impressionable age, many young adults fall prey to drug abuse under peer pressure. 

What starts as momentary fun results in catastrophic consequences, with young people destroying their lives, or worse, ending their lives through overdose. While drug addiction has always been an issue worldwide, but in recent times, easy accessibility to it has planted real problems. 

Because of the increasing drug abuse and drug addiction instances, many rehabilitation institutes and programs have been initiated, which provides treatment for drug addiction. It is quite a comprehensive and strenuous treatment and happens stage wise. 

The first step to drug addiction is detoxifying the addict, his mind, and body. Detoxification focuses on the physical part of the treatment and requires 24/7 care and supervision by medical professionals. This article will give you a glimpse of How do they detox you in rehab

  1. Medical Assessment and Evaluation

The first step to the detoxification process is medically examining the patient. This helps to understand the amount of drug that is present in the patient’s system. It also provides an estimate and helps to determine whether there is any need for medication or not. 

The medical assessment provides details on the patient’s medical history, the physical or mental ailments that are maybe plaguing the patient. Once the medical record is known, the medical supervisor can chart out the patient’s detoxification process.

The process of detoxification is not the same for all victims of drug addiction and abuse. It depends on the amount of drug intake of the patient and the physical and mental issues. Once that is known, a personalized detoxification plan is prepared for the patient to suit his/her needs. 

  1. Withdrawal Symptoms

Once the detoxification process is initiated, it brings along withdrawal symptoms in the patient. When your body becomes accustomed to being continuously abused by drugs, a gap of 5-6 hours when your body doesn’t receive those drugs brings out withdrawal symptoms. 

These withdrawal symptoms are both physical and mental and differ from person to person. The severity of these symptoms depends on how long that patient has been abusing his/her body with drugs. The common withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, mood swings, increased heartbeats, irritation, nausea, muscle pain, body pain, depression, diarrhea, etc. 

Depending on the severity of the withdrawal symptoms, medication is provided to the patient to help him/her deal with and overcome the symptoms. There are no specific medicines to deal with withdrawal overall, but medicines to curb anxiety and depression and enable sufficient sleep. Because of the nature of withdrawal symptoms, the detoxification process requires 24/7 care, supervision, and medical professionals’ monitoring. 

  1. Beginning with the Treatment

The last stage of detoxification is to begin preparations for further treatment of drug addiction. Detoxification helps in warming up the patient’s body and preparing him/her for the comprehensive drug addiction treatment. Analyzing the withdrawal and coping up the patient’s process, a treatment plan is chartered for him/her depending on how much his body and mind can take in. 


It is imperative to know and understand how do they detox you in rehab because if you are looking out to help someone who is battling addiction, you should have the details and knowledge of the treatment process. Detoxification is a primary and crucial step to abuse treatment, which in no circumstance should be avoided as it has been proved that treatment without professional detoxification often results in relapse.  

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