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What is a stress problem take a look at?

Worry problem is a affliction in which you have recurrent stress attacks. A stress attack is a sudden episode of extreme concern and stress. In addition to emotional distress, a stress attack can lead to bodily indicators. These involve chest pain, speedy heartbeat, and shortness of breath. For the duration of a stress attack, some people today consider they are getting a heart attack. A stress attack can previous anywhere from a couple minutes to around an hour.

Some stress attacks take place in reaction to a demanding or frightening condition, these types of as a automobile accident. Other attacks take place with out a distinct explanation. Worry attacks are popular, influencing at minimum eleven% of grownups each and every calendar year. Numerous people today have one or two attacks in their life time and get better with out therapy.

But if you have repeated, sudden stress attacks and are in continual concern of getting a stress attack, you may have stress problem. Worry problem is rare. It only has an effect on two to 3 % of grownups each and every calendar year. It is 2 times as popular in women of all ages than in gentlemen.

Whilst stress problem is not lifestyle-threatening, it can be upsetting and influence your excellent of lifestyle. If still left untreated, it can direct to other critical complications, which include despair and material use. A stress problem take a look at can help diagnose the affliction so you can get the appropriate therapy.

Other names: stress problem screening

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