Prothrombin Time Test and INR (PT/INR): MedlinePlus Medical Test

Robert S. Hays

What transpires throughout a PT/INR exam?

The exam may perhaps be carried out on a blood sample from a vein or a fingertip.

For a blood sample from a vein:

A overall health treatment expert will choose a blood sample from a vein in your arm, employing a small needle. Immediately after the needle is inserted, a small total of blood will be gathered into a exam tube or vial. You may perhaps come to feel a tiny sting when the needle goes in or out. This normally will take a lot less than five minutes.

For a blood sample from a fingertip:

A fingertip exam may perhaps be carried out in a provider’s office or in your home. If you are getting warfarin, your provider may perhaps advocate you exam your blood routinely employing an at-home PT/INR exam package. For the duration of this exam, you or your provider will:

  • Use a small needle to puncture your fingertip
  • Gather a drop of blood and location it onto a exam strip or other particular instrument
  • Put the instrument or exam strip into a unit that calculates the benefits. At-home gadgets are small and lightweight.

If you are employing an at-home exam package, you will need to have to overview your benefits with your provider. Your provider will enable you know how he or she would like to obtain the benefits.

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