Salicylates Level: MedlinePlus Medical Test

Robert S. Hays

What is a salicylates amount check?

This check measures the quantity of salicylates in the blood. Salicylates are a sort of drug discovered in many over-the-counter and prescription medications. Aspirin is the most frequent sort of salicylate. Well-liked brand title aspirins incorporate Bayer and Ecotrin.

Aspirin and other salicylates are most frequently used to minimize ache, fever, and inflammation. They also are helpful in preventing too much blood clotting, which can trigger a coronary heart assault or stroke. People today at chance for these ailments may perhaps be advised to consider little one aspirin or other low-dose aspirin each day to assistance avert hazardous blood clots.

Even nevertheless it really is termed little one aspirin, it really is not encouraged for toddlers, more mature small children, or teenagers. For these age groups, aspirin can trigger a lifestyle-threatening ailment termed Reye syndrome. But aspirin and other salicylates are ordinarily protected and helpful for grown ups when taken at the correct dose. Even so, if you consider way too a lot, it can trigger a significant and often fatal situation termed salicylate or aspirin poisoning.

Other names: acetylsalicylic acid amount check, salicylate serum check, aspirin amount check

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