Strep B Test: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

Robert S. Hays

What takes place throughout a group B strep examination?

If you are pregnant, your overall health treatment supplier may possibly buy a swab examination or a urine examination.

For a swab examination, you will lie on your back again on an examination desk. Your overall health treatment supplier will use a
tiny cotton swab to get a sample of cells and fluids from your vagina and rectum.

For a urine examination, you will most possible be instructed to use the “cleanse catch approach” to make certain your sample is sterile. It contains the next measures.

  • Wash your palms.
  • Thoroughly clean your genital location with a cleaning pad offered to you by your supplier. To cleanse, open up your labia and wipe from front to back again.
  • Commence to urinate into the rest room.
  • Go the assortment container below your urine stream.
  • Acquire at least an ounce or two of urine into the container, which really should have markings to indicate the quantities.
  • Complete urinating into the rest room.
  • Return the sample container as instructed by your overall health treatment supplier.

If your baby requirements testing, a supplier may possibly do a blood examination or a spinal tap.

For a blood examination, a overall health treatment experienced will use a tiny needle to get a blood sample from your baby’s heel. Following the needle is inserted, a tiny amount of money of blood will be gathered into a examination tube or vial. Your baby may possibly feel a minor sting when the needle goes in or out.

A spinal tap, also recognised as a lumbar puncture, is a examination that collects and seems at spinal fluid, the very clear liquid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. Through the process:

  • A nurse or other overall health treatment supplier will hold your baby in a curled-up posture.
  • A overall health treatment supplier will cleanse your baby’s back again and inject an anesthetic into the pores and skin, so your baby will never feel ache throughout the process. The supplier may possibly place a numbing product on your baby’s back again just before this injection.
  • The supplier may possibly also give your baby a sedative and/or ache reliever to enable him or her far better tolerate the process.
  • Once the location on the back again is completely numb, your supplier will insert a slender, hollow needle in between two vertebrae in the lower backbone. Vertebrae are the tiny backbones that make up the backbone.
  • The supplier will withdraw a tiny amount of money of cerebrospinal fluid for testing. This will get about five minutes.
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