OnCrux Liquid Climbing Chalk Helps You Get a Grip

Robert S. Hays

Go to any climbing health club or outdoor climbing place and you’ll see the exact scene: athletes with white chalk coating their fingers, clothes, even streaked across their faces. Incorporating to this difficulty, chalk bags typically explode when stuffed in a pack leaving dampness-absorbing magnesium carbonate dust everywhere. Seeking a […]

How to Actually Get Better at Climbing

Robert S. Hays

The very best coaching for climbing is climbing alone. But when you are chasing grades, it is easy to get tunnel eyesight. Climbers can obsess around things like finger strength, systematic coaching ideas, and strict diet programs whilst overlooking far more efficient methods to make improvements to. Matt Pincus, a seasoned climber and […]

The Best New Climbing Gear for 2020

Robert S. Hays

Yosemite National Park is now open up (with limitations campgrounds stay closed). As a community climber, this means I’m getting day-trips into the nearby park and revisiting my favourite famed routes in the “Center of the Universe,” as it’s acknowledged to climbers all over the earth. The park offers climbing […]

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