Will Your Sport Survive the Pandemic?

Robert S. Hays

When I have requested this concern of some others, the typical response that I acquire is always a resounding of course with minimal thought to a even larger picture. Their passion for the activity drives their response. They would never ever appear at something else to feed their require to […]

Will Coffee Shop Culture Survive COVID-19?

Robert S. Hays

Sharling Tellez, Starbucks consumer in Alexandria VA. Andrea Caulfield, Starbucks clients in Alexandria VA. Shannon Schultz, anonymous Starbucks manager in Alexandria VA. Alicia Love, president of Coffee Labs Roasters, Tarrytown NY. Zack Willhoff, café retail manager, Nossa Familia Lovejoy Expresso Bar, Portland OR. Karen Raskopf, main communications and sustainability officer […]

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