‘Ticks Surprise Us:’ 2021 May Be Big Lyme Disease Year

Robert S. Hays

Bay Space Lyme Foundation: “Ticks Carrying Illness Found to be Abundant in Seaside Locations, Equivalent to Woodlands, According to New Examine.”

Daniel Salkeld, PhD, research scientist, Colorado Condition University.

John Aucott, MD, director, Johns Hopkins Lyme Illness Medical Investigation Centre.

Kirsten Stein, board member, Bay Area Lyme Foundation.

Weather.com: “It’s Been the Warmest Wintertime on Document So Considerably for SomeTypically Chilly Areas in the Decrease 48.”

Pest.org: “2021 Tick Forecast.”

Used and Environmental Microbiology: “Examining prevalence and variety of tick-borne pathogens in questing Ixodes pacificus ticks in California.”

The Washington Publish: “Study finds Lyme-carrying ticks future to beaches and ‘pretty much where ever we seemed.'”

CDC: “Lyme Illness,” “Tick elimination and tests,” “How lots of folks get Lyme disorder?” “Surveillance for Lyme Sickness – United States, 1992-2006.”

EPA: “Repellents: Security in opposition to Mosquitoes, Ticks and Other Arthropods.”

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